Next get-together: 1 April 2023

As we announced in our last Anglophile, we would like to invite you to our annual get-together on Saturday 1st of April (no joke!). That afternoon we will meet at one o’clock in Groningen in De Stadstuin, Hereweg 42, 050 527 743.

This time we have invited Tim Kassenberg, lecturer of English of Academic Purposes and English Linguistics, to give us a lecture about CHAT GPT. Below he will introduce himself and tell us more about what he likes to discuss with us. Please ask him everything you want to know about this subject!

Next, we have prepared for you a pub quiz. You will form teams and compete for the chance to become our next Pub Quiz Champion.

After all this it is time for drinks and dinner. Coffee, tea and your first drink are on us.

Please fill in this google form to let us know before Tuesday 21st of March whether you will join us and also whether you would like to stay for dinner.

We are looking forward to seeing you again!

Stop treating ChatGPT like it knows anything

What does the popularity of ChatGPT mean for us language professionals? Does it influence our work as teachers, translators, journalists and editors? Does it threaten academic skills education?

We invited Tim Kassenberg to enlighten us and answer our questions. He is a lecturer of English of Academic Purposes and English Linguistics at the University of Groningen, where he teaches academic skills such as research methodology, writing, presentation and discussion, as well as entry-level constructionist English syntax.

He wrote an introduction to this theme for us, which you can read in full on this page.