Online Pub Quiz!

Dear all,

Our online pub-quizzes during the Corona period were quite the success. And we realised this is a good way to organise an activity for those of you living a bit further away from Groningen. We love to see you all online on the 4th of February!

We will start the quiz at 20.00 hours, you will be able to enter the Google Meet meeting from 19.45 so you can check sound and video etc. We estimate we will be done by 23.00.

You are free to team up with housemates, fellow alumni and/or friends, because we don’t mind if any non-members attend. You can also fly solo if you want.

What you need:

  • Preferably a computer to enter the Google Meet meeting (smartphones and tablets are possible but not ideal) and to fill in the answer forms (Google forms)
  • Pen and paper if you wish to take notes (highly recommended)
  • You can install Google Meet on your computer, but if you don’t want to, you can also open the meeting in a browser. You do not need a Google account to join the meeting.
  • If your team members are not in the same physical room as you, we can create “breakout rooms” in which you can discuss and finalise your answers after each round.

You can register for the quiz by email up to and including the 3rd of February. You will receive the link for the Google Meet meeting and the links to the Google forms on the 4th.
If you want to try Google Meet out beforehand, just shout (via email please) and one of will contact you to help you out.
Kind regards,
Ammerins, Elke, Marjan, Nienke and Reinou