17th of June, Almost Midsummer Night Event

Dear alumni!

June has arrived and our “Almost Midsummer Night” event on the 17th of June is only 11 days away. A perfect afternoon to meet, talk about old times, rack your brains during the pub quiz and be entertained and challenged by two lectures, both about the midsummer night.

Finally, it is time to announce the names of our two guest speakers: prepare to be star struck by our very own John Flood and Michael Wilkinson, son of the late professor Wilkinson. They will tell us everything you will ever want to know about starry summer nights, in relation to literature and astronomy. They will have you star gazing, looking for stars that inspired poets and novelists, SF-fans and would-be astronauts. And perhaps they will succeed in finding common ground. Actually, we are quite sure they will.

Of course, there will also be plenty of time to talk, compete in our starry pubquiz, have a drink and – if you like – have a bite to eat.

This event is open for all of you: for those of you who graduated back in the previous century and those who have only just left the university grounds (and even those who studied English for years but did not actually graduate).

You are welcome at Eetcafé De Stadstuin, Hereweg 42, 9725 AE Groningen (quite near the Central station) from 14:00 to 17:00. Would you also like to have dinner with us? Please let us know whether you prefer a meat, fish or vegetarian dish.

Please let us know if you will be there by sending us an e-mail: alumniclubengelsgroningen@gmail.com

Best regards, Monique, Reinou, Marjan and Aurora