Murder Mystery Event Wild Success

by Reinou Anker-Sollie

On Saturday 10 November the Alumni Association organised a Murder Mystery Event for its members in an upstairs room at Mr Mofongo. Only one of the board members had some experience with this, so it was quite the experiment! Luckily six young (GUTS) actors were willing to assist us with the event and gave the whole murder mystery an extra dimension. Inspector Napp was a wonderfully entertaining host and mentor to our members, guiding them in the right direction of which questions to ask. The suspects, Countess Flora, Lady Martha, Lady’s Martha’s husband Matthew Rawley, the cook Mrs Pratmore, the cook’s assistant Maisy, and Countess Flora’s former maid Miss Ryan, were forced to reveal several secrets, giving our members information on motives, opportunities and means. None of the suspects really liked the Earl and it was a good thing some of them didn’t actually like each other very much either (information gets spilled more easily, you see).

After ample of time to chat amongst themselves, tea or coffee and a delicious cake-in-a-jar, the mystery Death comes to Downturn commenced. The Earl of Grandham clearly died under suspicious circumstances and three rounds of interrogations and a round of snacks later, the seven teams had to indicate who they thought the murderer was and what the motive was. Thus, the Pinterton Ladies, The Dowagers, The Lads, The Maggie Smith Appreciation Society, Sleuth and co, the Miss Marples and the Ladies in Charge handed in their conclusions. Fortunately, three teams figured out the correct answer, so we even had to “draw” the winner, Sleuth and co, to award them with some tickets to the Diever theatre 😉.

Of the 26 participants a group of 11 stayed to enjoy dinner at Mr Mofongo, which gave them plenty of time to catch up over some scrumptious plates of food.

Hope to see you next time, we’ll try to organise something as original as this!
The board

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